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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates Debate - CANCELLED??

I was really disappointed of the awaited Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates debate that was cancelled last Sunday. It is the only time that the candidates can share to the people about their platforms. A time to defend and stand from each and every candidates. They have their own reasons and those must be respected. But we cannot avoid to questions about certain things.

Is it the debate not helpful to them? For me, it is a big help to  the candidates to attend the debate. They have a chance to let people know about their platforms. They have a chance to clear an issue if they have. They can challenge each and every candidates which platform is the best. In short, this is the time to impress the people that they deserve to be elected compared to the other candidates.

Is it better to campaign directly to the people rather than attending to the debate? I think the candidates neglect to analyze these. 2 hours to the debate or 2 hours to the campaign on one area? The people that can witness to the debate is nationwide. Also, it is very interesting because different candidates challenges each other of which platform is much better. Hence, we can compare who is the best and righteous to be elected. On the other hand, the number of people that can attend only concentrates to a particular area. Also, not everyone are interested on the platforms instead some are just waiting for the giveaways such as shirts, band, and stickers. In fact, some of them are not eligible to vote such as the children who just attend to witness the programs especially the intermission numbers. If we have to analyze clearly, only 2 hours spending to the debate can affect the decision of every voters nationwide. The more who likes your platform, the more people can vote you.

Is it the previous debates enough in order for them not to attend the next debate? I don't think so. Even the previous and last debates, there were so many questions hanging, because of lack of time, which needs to be answered. If they attend to the invitation for a debate, at least they can lessen the questions. Second, if they said that the previous debates are enough, then they don't deserve to be voted by the people because of too little and unclear platforms.

Or they were just afraid? Maybe some of them already admitted that their platform is weaker than the other party or candidates. Or maybe they cannot answer the issues that they were facing right now.

I know that many were also disappointed of the cancelled debate but whatever it is, we have nothing to do because they have their own reasons and those reasons must be respected. We must vote not based on the TV or radio ads, not based on the popularity, not based on the party, not based on the artist endorsers, not based on the money given to you because those money will be returned when he/she wins on the election, instead we must vote according to his/her platform. If you don't know his/her platform then it is better for you to vote no one.