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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bamboo Organ

"Men have immortalized their names in paint and marble, but it was left for Padre Diego Cera to build to himself a monument in bamboo, and a more interesting and unique memorial could scarcely be found.
He came to the Philippines to build organs, and when he arrived, there was neither metal, nor suitable wood, nor tanned leather, nor wire, nor pipes, nor keys, nor anything else with which organs were usually made; but with a genius worthy of an eighteenth century Edison, he rose to the occasion and built an organ of bamboo." - Geoge Miller, 1912

Last friday, it is a non working holiday. So I spent my time to visit some historical places. I went to Las Pinas where the Bamboo Organ was situated.
When I got inside the church, I did not noticed the bamboo organ. Instead, I was amazed in the construction inside. It is not as big if I have to compare it from other churches that I have undergone. In fact, it is like a standard chapel. What made me amazed was the things that was there. The chairs was made of bamboo as well as the other things. Moreover, I should really say that the church was built a hundred years had passed. The place was very solemn.
If I have to choose where to attend a mass, I would rather select this church for it is as solemn as it should be when attending a mass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Restless Place

Last night, I had a late dinner. I ate at Jollibee Munoz. While I was going there, I passed by to the footbridge. I noticed that the traffic was so heavy. i could not imagine such observation like that because the time was already 10PM but the road was still busy. I could have compare the situation in our province in Davao City because when the time reaches off peak, around 10PM, the road will not be busy as I have seen in Quezon City.
Many in our province want to go to metro manila. They have different reasons why they want to. Maybe one of the many reasons they have is to work here. Yes, people in metro manila are very busy working and working.
My question are, do they have time to go out and have some fun? Do they have time with their family? Do they have time with God? Or they become slaves of their own work?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Night MRT

Last Saturday, I watched basketball league at Mandaluyong City. It started around 9PM and ended at 10:30PM. I decided to use MRT in going home because I thought it would be convenient for me instead of riding a bus.

When I arrived in the shaw boulevard station, what I experienced is different from what I have expected. Why? I thought that using MRT at that time is different of what it is in the morning... for being crowded. In fact it is more worst. I am waiting for the train for me to ride for almost an hour. Being crowded is not only the reason but also the less train who were operating.

I am wondering why such problem like this is still present. Is it unsolvable problem? Or the MRT did not think the convenience of their passengers for as long as they will get a greater profit? Or maybe, they already had many experiment on how to solve these problem but still it is not effective? Whatever may be the reason, all the passengers have nothing to do but to ignore everything for as long they will arrived in their destinations.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Messy City

Last Saturday, August 08, 2009, Me and my friend went to NSO. When we arrived to the destination, I had noticed the place. There's a lot of mess in the roadside and I can't understand what does the government do about this problem where in fact, the place was very close to the quezon city hall. From NSO, we proceed to MRT cubao station and again, I noticed the messy surroundings. I am wondering why such places like this have full of mess. Is the government has no budget about this? Or there is already a budget and a person assigned to this problem but he/she did not do his/her job?

I come to think that if i have to compare the surroundings from other cities in manila, it is nt as bad as this one. Maybe, the government will have to act about this one. One thing I can suggest is to put a garbage container in each and every corner of the roads. And there must be assigned person to discipline people who doesnt know how to throw the garbage in a proper place.