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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Night MRT

Last Saturday, I watched basketball league at Mandaluyong City. It started around 9PM and ended at 10:30PM. I decided to use MRT in going home because I thought it would be convenient for me instead of riding a bus.

When I arrived in the shaw boulevard station, what I experienced is different from what I have expected. Why? I thought that using MRT at that time is different of what it is in the morning... for being crowded. In fact it is more worst. I am waiting for the train for me to ride for almost an hour. Being crowded is not only the reason but also the less train who were operating.

I am wondering why such problem like this is still present. Is it unsolvable problem? Or the MRT did not think the convenience of their passengers for as long as they will get a greater profit? Or maybe, they already had many experiment on how to solve these problem but still it is not effective? Whatever may be the reason, all the passengers have nothing to do but to ignore everything for as long they will arrived in their destinations.

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