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Monday, August 10, 2009

Messy City

Last Saturday, August 08, 2009, Me and my friend went to NSO. When we arrived to the destination, I had noticed the place. There's a lot of mess in the roadside and I can't understand what does the government do about this problem where in fact, the place was very close to the quezon city hall. From NSO, we proceed to MRT cubao station and again, I noticed the messy surroundings. I am wondering why such places like this have full of mess. Is the government has no budget about this? Or there is already a budget and a person assigned to this problem but he/she did not do his/her job?

I come to think that if i have to compare the surroundings from other cities in manila, it is nt as bad as this one. Maybe, the government will have to act about this one. One thing I can suggest is to put a garbage container in each and every corner of the roads. And there must be assigned person to discipline people who doesnt know how to throw the garbage in a proper place.

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