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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Restless Place

Last night, I had a late dinner. I ate at Jollibee Munoz. While I was going there, I passed by to the footbridge. I noticed that the traffic was so heavy. i could not imagine such observation like that because the time was already 10PM but the road was still busy. I could have compare the situation in our province in Davao City because when the time reaches off peak, around 10PM, the road will not be busy as I have seen in Quezon City.
Many in our province want to go to metro manila. They have different reasons why they want to. Maybe one of the many reasons they have is to work here. Yes, people in metro manila are very busy working and working.
My question are, do they have time to go out and have some fun? Do they have time with their family? Do they have time with God? Or they become slaves of their own work?


Goryo Dimagiba said...

You have a very interesting question. Do they still have time for God?

I believe we all need to spend a quality time with God not once a week, once a month but EVERYDAY..

nice post... =)

Yen said...

Yes, Indeed I do believe that we need God.Even in our busiest time of the day. To God belongs everything so we must bring back all the Praises and glory. God is the key to a meaningful living.