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Friday, January 28, 2011

Year of the Tiger, I am.

While walking at SM waiting for my clubmates to take our lunch, I passed by to a near station where there were  predictions of different year-you-were-born posted for the year 2011. I read mine, year of the tiger.

"Although the tiger’s lucky stars may gather together to stabilizes its luck in the metal rabbit year, tiger may face some obstacles in its 2011 business dealings. The tiger has to be quick if they are to be successful in business or the opportunities may disappear. Before entering into any deals, the tiger in 2011 rabbit year will have to think very carefully if they want to avoid losses. For tigers who are still studying in the Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011, they have to work extra hard in order to obtain better results."

Then I would be preparing for that since I can relate my job to the statement above. I just hope I can manage my time well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Very Long Trip

Last Monday, I woke up around 3AM just to catch up a 4AM trip going to Malaybalay City with my Design Engineer. It took 5 hours to arrive in our destination. Then we proceed to our appointment at Bukidnon Provincial Capitol for a meeting regarding the Fiber Optic Network project. Then we conducted survey for almost 2 hours. It was the time when I climbed up again to a roof to take picture of the area. Supposedly, it is not a duty anymore of an account manager but it is for the design engineer. I understand why I am the one who climbed up instead of him because he was not capable to do such thing like that.

After taking our lunch, it was the time to get to the Bus Terminal for another trip to Cagayan de Oro City. I was able to ride the bus around 2PM, and it took 3 hours to arrived. Upon arrival I immediately ride a jeepney going to west bound bus terminal.

A minute after my arrival, my next journey was bound to Pagadian city. It took me another 6 hours sitting on the bus. Then, I looked a hotel for me to stay. I've found Roxan hotel; cheap but nice and clean. I almost forgot I haven't still eat my dinner. I want to eat rice but I have no choice but to eat at Dunkin Donut since it is the only store I found opened.

Then, I slept for 6 hours...

I woke up to prepare to attend a bidding. There was a sudden change of my itinerary because the bidding supposedly started at 9:30AM but it was moved to 11AM because the chairman had an emergency meeting. It consumed 6 hours to finish. Hoping to get the project since I was the least amount of bid offered.

After attending the bidding, time to proceed to the Bus terminal to go back home. I started to journey from Pagadian City to Iligan City which took 3 hours and a half. Then, riding the same bus going to Cagayan de Oro City for 2  hours and a half.

Upon arrival, I directly ride the jeep going to north bound terminal. Then, I ride a bus Straightaway to Davao City. It took 7 hours to arrived.

Welcome back, It is already 6AM, wednesday. Time to sleep for 2 hours and be ready to report to the office.

Yes, I reported to the office but around 10AM.

It is just 2 days I left from my office but there's a lot of things to catch up.


Friday, January 21, 2011


I just want to share this article that was sent by my boss. This is dedicated to all employees.


If you work for a man in heaven’s name, work for

him, speak well of him and stand by the institution

he represents. Remember that an ounce of loyalty

Is worth a pound of cleverness, but if you must

Growl,  condemn, and eternally find fault. Why

Resign your position to your heart’s content, if you

don’t, the first high wind will come along and

Will blow you away and you’ll never know why.

That is LOYALTY…

To be honest, I don't understand well what the article wants us to emphasize. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Convince Me...

Everytime I report to our office, I always pass in a Network Business Company, UNO. I have been invited so many times to join in their kind of business, I've been already joining their orientation and even tried to use their products but no one have succeeded to convince me. I don't have a problem with the system. I just opened my mind and try to understand just to know what will be the outcome of the people who joined and who will be joining. In fact, as I witnessed the orientation and demos, I was amazed with the system because this kind of business is one of the fastest way to earn money. In addition to that, your time is flexible, and the capital of this business is justifiable.

But why is it that I did not still join the group? This question took me more than a month just to find the answer.  I realized that it is all about MONEY and PASSION.

Most of the member of this business, their main purpose is to gain a higher value of earnings with a very small capital to release. Then I realized, are they happy what they are doing? or they are just covered by their dreams and in need of money? I guess, majority thinks that way. Maybe, this is one of the reasons I was not convinced by them. I remembered I came to a point where I experienced a big earnings when I was still working in Dubai but I sacrificed it and go back to the Philippines because I was not happy anymore there.

Same thing to this situation for  joining with their group,  they still cannot convince me because I gave most important of what I love to do rather than what I earn(money). As of now, I am happy with my work, contented with my earnings and satisfied for what I have right now. But I am not closing my self in joining, maybe not this time.


After a long period of not posting my blog, it is time to go back of my hobby and share my thoughts to my fellow blogger and reader.

What will be the reader to expect for the return of demonyitogwapito? Starting today, I will be more exposed to my emotions, experience, feelings and mood. It will be through a poem, a series of images, a quotation or simply a narration of story for as long as it relates what I want to share.

Happy Reading...