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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ondoy : Message from God?

Last saturday, I never thought that it was as bad as what had happened to metro manila. I just thought that it was a regular heavy rain that I was experiencing before. When I surfed to the internet about the news, I just realized that the people were shouting for help. What I did and the only thing I can do is to pray, pray for the people who suffered from the flood. I realized how lucky I am because the flood didn't come in our place.

While thinking about the tragedy in metro manila, I was reflecting on why those events happened. I asked myself for whom to blame about everything. I once blamed God for all of these but sometimes I also asked myself that it is not only Him who was responsible for everything but also ourselves. Maybe God has a message for us, an old message that was taken for granted for a long period of time. And now, this is it, everyone must take a short time to reflect on what is the message of God of why he did it in that way.

Unbalanced or balanced status in life?

If I have to ask you, what can you say about our different status in life? Balance or unbalance?

Some people live in a nice and comfortable condominiums while other suffers to a very small and crowded places such as the squatter's area.

In condos, they have the things that would entertain them; the plasma TV's, camcorder, PSP's, DVD players, laptop,iPod's, etc. On the other hand, living in squatter's area, a surplus TV is enough for them to entertain themselves.

Students living in condos usually goes to a prestigious schools while living in a Squatter's area goes to a public schools and sometimes they were discriminated(*some went to a prestigious schools because of scholarships).

Some have a white collar job and some have blue collar.

Some have a three meals a day while others only once.

Practically speaking, it is unbalanced. Right?

Now, imagine that people around the world have the same status in life. For example, everybody have a white collar job. Then Who will be our construction workers if we are all the same? One simple example will lead us to realize that it is impossible to happen.

Have you realized how great God is? How he planned all of this and what are the reasons behind it? Well, at this point, I should say that different status in our life was BALANCED by God.

Most of the people, including myself, think that the one who were lucky in this world is the one who got the power, wealth, and fame but if we have to think deeply we were just all the same. Each one of us has its own role in life. People see the QUANTITY of the things around them not the QUALITY of who they are and what are their roles in this world.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whom to blame?

As I was going to Las Pinas City last Saturday, I came by to stop and took some pictures at Ilog Pasig. I was wondering why such problem like this still exist when there was already a project by the government to eliminate it. Now I was thinking that when will be these problems be eliminated and what will be the solution of it.

I asked myself, "whom to blame?".

If we have to consider the side of the government, I think that they have done their part. But how they do that? Or does the plans/projects of the government was effective? Well, I should say that it is not as effective as it was (it is obvius in the images).

Now, we must also consider the side of the people surrounding the place. Each one of us has responsibilities and we must not just take it to the government. Why? Even the government has to keep cleaning and cleaning the river but the people around it dont have the discipline to throw the garbage properly, all of its effort will be useless. We must stop criticizing the government of their job in pasig river rather we must look in ourselves and just do what is the right thing to do.

Back to the question I asked, whom to blame? If I would say that the people should be blamed, then when will they change or how they will change? The only way to do that is someone must act to forced the people to stop messing up the river. And who is that possible someone? -- the government.

Therefore, the one whom to blame is....up to you...:)