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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whom to blame?

As I was going to Las Pinas City last Saturday, I came by to stop and took some pictures at Ilog Pasig. I was wondering why such problem like this still exist when there was already a project by the government to eliminate it. Now I was thinking that when will be these problems be eliminated and what will be the solution of it.

I asked myself, "whom to blame?".

If we have to consider the side of the government, I think that they have done their part. But how they do that? Or does the plans/projects of the government was effective? Well, I should say that it is not as effective as it was (it is obvius in the images).

Now, we must also consider the side of the people surrounding the place. Each one of us has responsibilities and we must not just take it to the government. Why? Even the government has to keep cleaning and cleaning the river but the people around it dont have the discipline to throw the garbage properly, all of its effort will be useless. We must stop criticizing the government of their job in pasig river rather we must look in ourselves and just do what is the right thing to do.

Back to the question I asked, whom to blame? If I would say that the people should be blamed, then when will they change or how they will change? The only way to do that is someone must act to forced the people to stop messing up the river. And who is that possible someone? -- the government.

Therefore, the one whom to blame is....up to you...:)


Yen said...

In my opinion its the government and the people. If the government has alloted budget for this issue and the budget is being used properly to address the issue, atleast we can see the difference if there had been improvements. On the other hand, people (us) are also responsible in keeping our community clean not just in our own houses.We need decipline. Don't just throw the garbage anywhere, regardless of how big and small it is.

By the way, i am not sure were the station booth of monster radio located. I will find out for you.hehe (try listening to them)

Goryo Dimagiba said...

agree ako kay Yen..

90% blame sa government :
kung ginagawa lamang nila ng tama ang kanilang trabaho.. kung ini-implement lang nila ng tama ang mga batas walang mamamayang sumusuway sa mga batas.. kung hindi binubulsa ang mga budget sana nalilinis ng maayos ang paligid..

10% blame sa mamamayan :
kung maganda lang sana ang performance ng gobyerno tingin ko maganda din ang performance na tao like father like son... like leader like people...