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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ondoy : Message from God?

Last saturday, I never thought that it was as bad as what had happened to metro manila. I just thought that it was a regular heavy rain that I was experiencing before. When I surfed to the internet about the news, I just realized that the people were shouting for help. What I did and the only thing I can do is to pray, pray for the people who suffered from the flood. I realized how lucky I am because the flood didn't come in our place.

While thinking about the tragedy in metro manila, I was reflecting on why those events happened. I asked myself for whom to blame about everything. I once blamed God for all of these but sometimes I also asked myself that it is not only Him who was responsible for everything but also ourselves. Maybe God has a message for us, an old message that was taken for granted for a long period of time. And now, this is it, everyone must take a short time to reflect on what is the message of God of why he did it in that way.


♥superjaid♥ said...

mensahe talag mula sa Panginoon ang nagdaang sakuna..para sa ating lahat..nasalanta man o hindi..minsan kasi kailangan pang may mangyaring di maganda para lang may marealize tayo.

Yen said...

I agree, Man has a big part why events like these happened if we are going to analyze things. We must thank God because despite our stubborness God still keep us safe and well.