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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bamboo Organ

"Men have immortalized their names in paint and marble, but it was left for Padre Diego Cera to build to himself a monument in bamboo, and a more interesting and unique memorial could scarcely be found.
He came to the Philippines to build organs, and when he arrived, there was neither metal, nor suitable wood, nor tanned leather, nor wire, nor pipes, nor keys, nor anything else with which organs were usually made; but with a genius worthy of an eighteenth century Edison, he rose to the occasion and built an organ of bamboo." - Geoge Miller, 1912

Last friday, it is a non working holiday. So I spent my time to visit some historical places. I went to Las Pinas where the Bamboo Organ was situated.
When I got inside the church, I did not noticed the bamboo organ. Instead, I was amazed in the construction inside. It is not as big if I have to compare it from other churches that I have undergone. In fact, it is like a standard chapel. What made me amazed was the things that was there. The chairs was made of bamboo as well as the other things. Moreover, I should really say that the church was built a hundred years had passed. The place was very solemn.
If I have to choose where to attend a mass, I would rather select this church for it is as solemn as it should be when attending a mass.


Yen said...

It is one of my dream to visit that place and see the architecture inside. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope you could post pictures also. Just requesting. =)

demonyitogwapito said...

@yen: Sure, I will get more pictures soon. You may visit that place anytime. It is affordable in going there. Just dont forget to bring your cam to get some pix.hhehehe... Also, there's a lot of souvenirs there. =)