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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smoke Alarm Video Camera

Do you usually go out with your partner and check-in to a motel? Nowadays, there were so many video sex scandals that were exposed via internet. Some of them doesn’t know that they were already taken by video camera unknowingly.

Let me share with you about what I had read about the new technology that was coming out to the market, the smoke alarm video camera. This is only one of so many tiny cameras that are present that can easily be bought to the market. I believe that some of the motels already use this kind of device for the sake of security. But how about the motels that have a bad intentions about their customer, taking videos without any permission? Most of these are the small or cheaper motels. So let me remind everybody to be sure of where to check-in in order to avoid such experiences like this. Maybe soon, you will be shocked you were seen in an internet having an affair with your partner.

Smoke alarm video camera is only one of so many tiny cameras that are present today. Those devices are built for security purposes but we cannot avoid that some people just make fun of others using those devices.

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