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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Whom I will vote for President?

Whom I will vote for President?

Came from a respectable family.
Your father was a martyr.
Your mother played a crucial roles being a President,
          in ending the martial law and dictatorship.
You will follow their steps.
You hate corruption,
          "kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap"
That's why I'll vote you for President.

A lawyer by profession,
Young but experienced,
Spearheaded the Justice Crusade,
You fight against illegal drugs and workers' rights violation.
You can do more when you become the President.
I will vote you.

A former President,
Firm and strong,
Convicted but pardoned,
"Erap para sa mahirap",
A shout for the unfinished business,
          to help the poor.
Go and finish it.
I'll vote you, again.

An experienced politician,
Opened Subic bay for free trade zone,
You launched Wow Philippines.
A member of Phil. National Red Cross,
Actively led several rescue, relief and rehabilitation missions
          in times of natural calamities,
You are always present to provide relief to the Filipino people
You are righteous to lead the country,
I will vote you for President

Came from a family of public servants,
You are known for your outspokenness.
And also for your single-mindedness in pursuing issues.
"Bayan natin, Bago lahat"
To love the country,
Is to serve the country.
Our country needs you
You got one vote from me.

A scientist,
The Global consultant on integral sustainable development
You never had the position in the politics,
but well practiced in national political policies.
"Muling pagsilang ng ating bayan"
A good intention to the country to rebirth of what was it before.
I trust you and I will vote you to become the President.

"Sipag at talino"
You have a good scholastic record,
The youngest ever to be the secretary of defense
You are under the administration,
You know what should be change,
And what to be done,
You have your own decision,
And not to be the puppet of others.
I know you will use your knowledge in righteous way,
I am voting for you.

"May Pag-asa pa"
Hopes are within your hands
You are a religious leader,
The lesser to do crimes
The lesser to corrupt
You are just the instrument of the Lord,
          the one who will lead the plans and mission.
I do believe in your capacity,
I will vote you.

"Sipag at tiyaga",
Came from rags to riches,
A veteran in the politics,
A wealthy businessman,
          hence, you dont need to corrupt.
You know how to handle money,
          handling in a proper way.
The problem in the country will be solved by you.
One vote for you, from me.


lina@happy family said...

As a good citizen, we must vote :)
Hope everything's going well in your country election...

lina@happy family said...

Congrats to Benigno Aquino, your new president...