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Monday, December 29, 2008

TUF flunkie Evans smashes Griffin

Rashad Evans was ripped left and right on his season of "The Ultimate Fighter." He was too small and Matt Hughes said his attitude sucked. UFC president Dana White thought he was the worst prospect of all the heavyweights on Season 2. He overcame everything thrown his way that season to win the title and now he's blazed his way through some of the best 205-pounders in the world to become the UFC light heavyweight champ. In an all-out slugfest, it was ground work that did it for the former Michigan State wrestler who stopped Forrest Griffin via TKO at 2:46 of the third round Saturday.

Evans caught a right kick from Griffin and was able to score a takedown. The former champ's guard was loose and allowed Evans to rise to his feet two or three times to land some solid blows. It was the last time that spelled doom for Griffin. Evans stood up, landed four rights, the first and third really rocked Griffin. Evans then switched to his left and pounded out Griffin with six big shots.

-from yahoo

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