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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How fast are you?

Answer the following problems and time yourself. Test yourself on how fast you answer the problems. Good Luck!

  1. If I have a large box with three small boxes in it and two small boxes in each small box, how many boxes are there?
  2. Write the letter that follows the leter that comes next after “R” in the alphabet.
  3. When you add 55 and 45 the sum is 100. When you add 65 and 35 the sum is also 100. Now, here’s the question – when you mutiply 55 by 45, will the answer be also same as when you multiply 65 by 35? a.) yes? No?b.) Which is greater 55 by 45 or 65 by 35?
  4. Eight men are in a room. Each man shakes hands with each of the other once. How many handshakes are there?
  5. If five cats catch five mice in five minutes, how many cats will catch two mice in two minutes?
  6. How many 1’s are there in eleven billion, one hundred eleven million, one hundred eleven thousand, one hundred eleven pesos and eleven centavos?
  7. Can you punctuate this sentence so that it makes a sense? In the English Grammar and Composition exam where Kristoffer had had had had had had had had had was correct
  8. What, according to the song, was given on the ninth day of Christmas?
  9. What is referred to in a poem… “Of all the queer birds I ever did see…”?
  10. How many months have 30 days? Name them.

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