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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The best way to ride for you to get fast going to your destination is through MRT/LRT yet more risk to encounter.
Around 7AM, the North Edsa MRT station is very crowded as shown in the pictures. These past few days, I used the MRT to go to my work. Using such kind of transportation has advantages and disadvantages for me. First, it is faster for me to arrive in my destination; no traffic at all and the fare is very cheap. It cost me 12 pesos from North Edsa to Ortigas Station. I mentioned that riding MRT/LRT is also risky. It is because, as you can see in the pictures, of the possibility to have stampede. There is no place for the weak here. The people there doesn't know how to distinguish genders, elders, children and pregnant women because this is the place where race happens. Race to be first o ride to the train. Another risky thing when riding to this train is that there is a lot of pick pocketers because of very crowded inside.
So it's up to you what to ride in going to your destination. All I can say is that, there is no safe place wherever you are, just take care and be aware always especially in the crowded areas.

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