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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Man’s Best friend

A Man’s Best friend

You are such a good friend.
You are the one who listens when I share my problems.
You are the one who protects me from strangers.
You are the one I spent my time playing when I’m alone.

Every time I see you,
It seems that I don’t have a problem;
You make me smile,
You make me enjoy,
You make me feel safe.

It is hard to accept that you are gone.
I will miss the time we spent,
I will miss how often you guarded me,
I will miss everything about you.

I know that you are watching.
I know that you are happy with your new life.
I know that you are still there for me,
Guiding and keeping me safe

Now, it is hard for me to adjust.
No one will surprise me when I arrive at home,
No one will guide me going to the gate when I go out,
No one will go to my room and wake me up,
No one will ask for food with your pity look.

Wherever you go,
I am still here for you,
Wishing you a good and happy life

You are known to be the man’s best friend
Yes, I definitely agree, you are truly my best friend

I miss you, RAINDOG.

Raindog, my dog, just passed away yesterday morning. She was pregnant. She was my closest among all the members in our house. I did not notice that the night before she died was the last time we will be spending together. I was shocked when I got the news she was already dead.


Yen said...

Sad story. She died during her pregnancy? oh no. sad sad sad. What was the cause of her death?
My condolence friend.

demonyitogwapito said...


most probably, its because of her pregnancy. Since before, she had a problem of giving birth.

thanks again.

lina@women's perspectives said...

I really understand your feeling, because my cat also died two weeks ago...