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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Project Full Moon" - How true is it?

I just read from my facebook account about the spreading of this news. 

Please read:

I just received a text from a good friend, here it goes:

Got this A1 info:
DND Sec.Norberto Gonzales will manage the May Election CHEATING through GEn. BANGIT and GEn.PRESTOZA , “Project Fullmoon” in favor of MANNY VILLAR. FVR,PUNO and GMA are behind the dirty tactics, with a certain computer expert /hacker MARTIN LEEBIONG , a korean. He’ll do the switching of prepared CD…pls.pass..

How true was it?

To all the candidates, please do have mercy to the Filipino people.
 Let there be a fair election.
Let the Filipino decides.
Please do not cheat.
Thank You!

1 comment:

lina@women's perspectives said...

I agree. I think most citizens of any country really want a fair election. No cheating and no money politics, please...