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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Did you know that KATMA is mainly Kurdish village in Northeastern Syria. It lies between Afrin and Aleppo. The total population in KATMA amounts to approx. 5000 - 6000 inhabitants.

KATMA consists of Sunnis and Yazidis. In this village there is in addition also a mosque. Likewise two holy places are in the proximity of the village.

The agriculture is the main source of income of the population living in the village. Mainly olives, grain, chickpeas and grapes are cultivated there, in addition, figs, cherries and further fruits are cultivated there. The agriculture is worked on nearly only by machine. There are many agriculture machines, like for example tractors and combines. It is very important that in the village olives in own olive presses are pressed. In the village are some restaurants, which offer ceremony possibilities for weddings etc.

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