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Sunday, October 12, 2008

KATMA at Lorega

KATMA is more than a martial arts club. It does not only concentrate inside the gym practicing self defense and teaching to be a better person but it also participates in an outdoor activities where it is organize by the club itself.

One activity of KATMA is to share knowledge in self defense in the rural areas. An example to that is in Lorega, a 2 to 3 hours travel from Davao city. Sharing the knowledge must be limited in order for them not to use it in a negative manner. Of course, a limited time is not enough to teach a certain self defense lesson without teaching first the basics and when to use it. In other words, knowledge of self defense must be co-inside with self discipline. Together with the lessons, KATMA offered a free soup after the activity.

To be involved in such activities is a brilliant way of the instructor to emphasize what really the reason of why a student would enroll to a certain martial arts club, it is to guide the students in finding the right way as they journey along with their lives.

The activities became successful with the helped of our instructor, Lopez family, Lademora family, Liwag family, the parents who allowed their child to participate in such event, and to all the members of KATMA.

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