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Monday, October 26, 2009

A great Experience

It was a great experience for me last week. It was my first time to drive a vehicle in Metro Manila. Generally, it was not my first to drive a vehicle for I am already driving in our province, particularly in Davao City. But this time, it is very different.

From that, I learned a lot.First, I find it hard to use a manual transmission kind of vehicle because I used to drove an automatic. I must learn to balance the clutching and the gasoline steps. Second, the traffic I encountered was heavy compared to our province. Additional adjustments for me again for the clutching. The last and the third which almost got the attention of MMDA was the warning signs and symbols from the road. There was so many things to be caution with; the yellow lines (provided only for the public vehicles), the traffic lights, the no entry or one way signs, and the fast, medium and slow lanes.

Because I learned a lot from those experiences, of course there was also problems that I encountered. First, I almost bump the car behind us because I cannot control the clutching well (we are going up to the fly over that time and it was so traffic).  Second, when we were passing through the C5, I happened to used the fast lane and I was trying to move to a slow lane but I find it difficult because there were so many vehicles that were so fast along the road. One van attempted to overtake us which almost hit our vehicle (weow! I got nervous at that time and became more cautious in our way). Third, we got the attention of a traffic enforcer because we entered the lane even the traffic light is already red (stop). Lastly, we entered a counter flow.

Our great experience had a great learnings. Fortunately, we did not caught by the traffic enforcer. I hope the second time will not be as great as these. I must be more cautious everytime I drive and always think that life is very important.

"Life is very important so don't ever try to waste it. And there's a lot of people around who loves you. When driving, be cautious."

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