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Monday, October 26, 2009


If we have to based the unemployment rate from 2008 to 2009 in the Philippines, we will noticed that it increased from 7.30% to 7.40%. There are many college graduates in the Philippines yet the job opportunities cannot support all the graduates. Some of them look for a job even it is not related to their profession.

One day, I was walking along Ortigas and I found a group of people who were walking with a billboard behind their back(video). I was wondering what was they're doing and why do they have to do that. First came to my mind is that they were just punished by someone  or maybe it is one of the initiation of the aspirants to be a member of a fraternity. But what I thought is wrong. More days had come, I still noticed the people that I was talking about. They still exist in the streets together with their billboards. Until I became aware that it was their job. Their job is to walk around the city just to endorse a certain product. Then I realize that it was a good idea. Idea to lessen the number of unemployment. Well, it is also advantage to the owner of the product because they will get the attention of the people they were passing because it is a unique style of endorsing.

We don't know what profession they have. Maybe some of them graduated from colleges. Or maybe some of them came from a prestigious universities. But look at they now, they were walking around the streets with the billboards. It is not their profession, they did not enter college to end a job like that but what they can do? The job opportunities in our country is very low. They need a source of income to live and support their family. Whatever their professions, they must also be thankful of what they have right now. We must also be proud of them because they swallowed their pride for that job even they handled a profession that was not suitable for what they have right now.

"Love your Job and be thankful of having it. It is not easy to look for a job at this time."

1 comment:

Yen said...

I wonder how much do they get from that job? hmmm.. quite interesting!
Your right these is one way to lessen unemployment as long as it is legal and your fairly compensated i'll go for it too.