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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A message from ONDOY!

If Ondoy have the mouth to speak, what will be its message?

Dear people (victims),

People had suffered a lot because of me. There's a lot of people died and some brought to the hospitals for a serious injury. I destroyed a lot of houses because of flood.

I would like to apologize of what I did to your country. I am sorry for bringing problems. I am sorry for the life that had been taken. I am sorry for the flood. I am sorry for everything.

I don't have the intention to do that. I have no choice. This is my obligations and I cannot control my self where will I be going. I am created simply as a typhoon. I am not created to destroy lives and surroundings.

This is me. A creation of God, just like you. We were created by Him and only Him have the right to take us from this world of living.

Again, I am very very sorry for everything. Things might change, time will pass, but the tragedy I made will always remain in your heart.

I hope you will forgive me.


1 comment:

Goryo said...

Ikaw pala si ONDOY ha... Lagot ka.. hina-hunting kana ng mga taga Marikina at ng marami pang iba.. - ahihihi

Bagyo ng buhay.. literal man o hindi.. ito'y mararanasan ng karamihan..